Companies choose to work with The Connecticut Team because our firm provides the expertise and market knowledge to get their product or service to the right customer through the most efficient channels.

About Us


The Connecticut Team is a company of exceptional professionals that have created a niche in the sales and marketing industry that desperately needed to be filled. We consult with large, service-based companies and corporations that are interested in expanding their customer base in Hartford, CT and the general New England area.


Over the last decade, it has become increasingly more difficult to target specific consumer groups due to the indirect nature of advertising. We specialize in bridging that gap and creating a more personal experience for the customer. By focusing on direct marketing and consultative sales processes, we can create a tailored customer experience that encourages long-term loyalty and a positive company image. Our brand of marketing takes customer service to the next level.


Our success over the last several years has allowed us to expand to new markets and take on new clients. The Connecticut Team has expanded to 10 locations in the last three years across the US and is looking to take advantage of continued growth presented by our clients. Our priority is to be able to provide training and growth to our employees that will give them the ability to take on new responsibilities and grow into new roles and responsibilities.


Why The Connecticut Team?

We are the leading marketing and sales consulting firm in Hartford. There is no one better than us at bringing quality sales to our clients. Not to mention our portfolio is rather impressive for a company of our size.

What safety protocols do you have in place with Covid?

The health and safety of our teammates and customers is of utmost importance. Daily health checks are required, virtual meetings, masks and hand sanitizer are utilized with frequency and when social distancing is not possible.

Can you take on new clients?

Of course! We are always looking to add new business opportunities – that being said we do specialize in the telecom and tech industries, but we are always open to conversations. 

What locations do you have?

We will always take care of home base first – which means Connecticut. But we also have expanded throughout New York, Pittsburgh, Providence, Houston, Dallas and Atlanta with a few other markets are in the works. 

What do you think your greatest strength is?

Speed to market and low overhead. Our clients pay based on results and we are able to in turn pay our employees competitively due to our low overhead.

What do you look for in a potential employee?

Please check out our careers page for more information – BUT the short of it is – character, integrity and work ethic. 

How did you grow when other companies did not?

A lot of small businesses shut down in the last year, we didn’t because we were able to adapt faster than our competitors. It’s our nature to tailor our interactions on every level and we used that skill to apply to the last year. 

Do you enjoy your job? Or like your work?

YES. We wouldn’t be doing this if we didn’t.

Connecting The Dots

Every day at The Connecticut Team, our main focus is to “wow” our customers and clients. By emphasizing quality acquisitions and exceptional training, we have been able to expand our customer base for our campaigns by thousands. The Connecticut Team focuses on finding out what customers truly need to preserve the reputation of our clients and ensure long-term sustainable growth.

What are you waiting for?