Our Culture

It should come as no surprise that our team is our everything. It is our why. Our definition.

Even to use the word, “Our” means that we believe in the community and in the family that we are creating. Everyone here at The Connecticut Team adds their own unique value and we cherish this individuality. That being said each individual is a part of the greater team, and this is how we succeed in the grander scheme of things.


Philanthropy is critical to our success. We have donated to countless organizations over the years. And we will continue to do so. Giving to our local and national communities is what small businesses are all about.


We love Connecticut – From Hartford to New Haven, from the Sound to the Connecticut River, the Whalers and Mohegan Sun, but we also love to see new sights and new horizons. During Covid, we have restricted travel but we are looking forward to this year’s upcoming in person events.


Stay tuned for more – aka Rose has a bunch of events in the works and check out our media pages for more information

What are you waiting for?